chairOur office provides preventive care for the entire family. We strongly emphasize patient education during your hygiene visit. Intraoral cameras allow us to project an image of an individual tooth or area of concern onto a chairside viewing monitor for use as a visual aid. We also place a great deal of emphasis on home care, as we believe that it is key to good oral health.

During your examination, we use the latest technology to help diagnose any problems that might exist. We use digital x-rays, which drastically reduce the amount of radiation exposure to our patients.

Early detection of conditions such as gum disease, tooth decay and oral cancer is one of the best ways to insure the ease and success of treatments.

With routine examinations and x-rays, you take an important step towards a lifetime of dental health. We ensure your periodic exams are complete and comfortable. Our state-of-the-art equipment is a powerful ally that helps us provide exceptional proactive care.

Aesthetic Restorative Services

When restorative treatment becomes necessary, it is important that the patient understands all of the treatment options. In addition to our patient’s comfort, restoring the natural look and feel of your teeth is our greatest concern. We use the finest porcelain available in our restorations to emulate the translucency and integrity of natural teeth. Our knowledgeable staff can answer any questions you might have regarding your treatment.

Cracked, decayed or damaged teeth. Missing teeth lost to disease or injury. Cavities and infections. With our array of restorative services, we help repair and protect teeth from the effects of time and wear. Our restoration options range from minor to comprehensive, and are built around providing comfortable, functional and healthy solutions to make your smile a permanent thing of beauty.